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ELEVENTH TALK             209

them, and pour out this love on all. Adopt the
attitude of love towards all; then you will have peace.
It is a hard lessor, to pour out love and not to expect
any return ; yet that is the finest kind of love. It is
the only kind that deserves to be called love, because,
with any other kind, you get entangled with jealous-
ies, with all sorts of desires and envyings, and the
love, instead of being pure glorious rose colour,
becomes a sort of brownish-crimson, a poor looking
thing, and, instead of making the splendid out-raying
like sunlight, it makes hooks drawing it to yourself.
(Look at the book, Thought Forms $ you will find
exactly the forms to which I refer.) Remember always
that the selfish thought does nothing beyond yourselves
—that it makes a closed curve. It brings something
back to you, that is all it does; it does not move the
universe.  The worlds are moved by the Divine
unselfish love, that pours out in great parabolic and
hyperbolic curves and never returns, and does not
mean to return. It is poured out to do its work in
other dimensions and other planes, poured out to do
the work of God in God's own way. If you can
learn that lesson, it is well for you. But it is hard,
because it means the destruction of the lower nature.
Yet if you can learn that, then you will have peace.
But not otherwise ; that is the path to peace. Of
course, people sometimes set themselves to work to
overcome suffering by hardening themselves. I have
known people do that. It is a favourite recipe in