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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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India. A man says, " Yes, all emotion of any sort
brings suffering with it, even the highest emotions.
You pour out love ; it is not returned ; it brings you
suffering." It is not love that brings you suffering,
it is the selfishness, the desire mingled with it for
return.   It is not uncommon for philosophers in
India to say you' must avoid love, you must avoid
anything whatever that, will make a tie of any sort,
because all such bindings mean suffering sooner or
later. Such men escape the suffering by hardening
themselves, by doing away with the possibility of
affection in themselves.  What they do not see,
of course, is that, in doing that, they are de-
stroying the capacity to help others, that by thus
hardening themselves they do not become men
of the highest type, but merely examples of
arrested development, with the intellectual side, but
with no emotional side; not men, but monsters
strictly speaking. Therefore it is not the right way
of development, it is a wrong way—a way which
maims the Ego instead of developing him. It is
exactly parallel, I think, with the other scheme of
trying to avoid bad karma by trying never to do
anything at all. That also is a very favourite scheme
among certain people in India. They say action, on
the whole, results far more in bad than in good
karma, because we blunder. They therefore care-
fully refrain from doing anything at all, because in'
this way, at least, they avoid doing any harm. But