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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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ELEVENTH TALK             211

that method is not the Divine method at all. The
Yoga of Action means skill in action, not inaction.
Remember also^, going back once more to the Lord
Buddha, that He negatives the course referred to,
most strongly, because one of the steps of the
Noble Eight Fold Path is ts Right Exertion," right
energy. You are not to sit still and do nothing,
and be content with being negatively good.  You
must do something valuable to human kind ;

for unless you are doing that you are not treading
the Noble Eight Fold Path, which leads to Nirvana
and to peace. So do not ever be misled by any
so-called teaching, which tells you you must sup-
press all emotion, even such an emotion as love
or devotion, because it may cause you suffering.
It is true that because it moiy cause you suffering
there is something that you should do with it.
Clearly you have to purify it, and cast away the
dross that causes the suffering, and not the pure
gold of the love.  So we must just take care that our
love is the right kind of love, for then there will be no
suffering, but on the contrary the very greatest joy—
joy not only on the lower planes but on the highest,
because love is of God, and God is love, and to
develop that higher affection is to draw nearer to Him.
Rememb'er the whole subject is discrimination.

You must discriminate in yet another way. Learn to
distinguish the God in everyone and everything, no matter
how evil he or it may appear on the surface. You can