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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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help your brother through that which you have in common
with him, and that is the Divine life ; learn how to arouse
that in him, learn how to appeal to that in him ; so shall
you save your brother from wrong.

You are told to look for the good, the God, in
everything. You know that there is nothing but God,
that everything on this plane, as much as on any
other plane, is a manifestation of the Divine life.
There is nothing else; and therefore all of it—all of
it, mind ; you must make no exception, you must be
logical—all of it, the good and the evil alike, must
be an expression of God, because nothing can be of
which God Himself is not the heart and the root.
There is nothing but He. That fact is emphasised
in all the Scriptures, but people find it very hard to
understand. It shocks them dreadfully. »You get it
in the Christian Scriptures; u I [the Lord] make
peace, and I create evil " : You get it in the Bhaga-
vad-Gita, where Shri Krishna says,

I am the gambling of the cheat, and the splendour of
the splendid things. I am determination, and the truth of
the truthful I.

What did He mean by it ? It shocks people dread-
fully. They cannot understand that nothing can exist
unless He permits it to exist—that all of it, spirit and
matter alike, is part of Him.  You have black
Magicians, you have evil people of all sorts and kinds,
but the life of these people is the Divine life, because
there is no other life. You have to realise that. I
know how hard it is to realise it; but you must face