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ELEVENTH TALK            2l3

the facts. If Shri Krishna says, c{ I am the gambling
of the cheat," what does He mean by it ? He means that
man, the cheat^has something to learn by his cheat-
ing, and it is the only way, poor soul, in which he can
learn it. If people will not learn by precept and
example, then they must learn by the hard facts of
the Laws of Nature. The Laws of Nature are only
the most material expression of the Divine Mind, of
the Divine Will, and they are like rocks. Man goes
and bruises himself against them. If he will not
learn in any other way, then he must learn that way.
Of course that means suffering and it means evil. He
induces evil by his stupidity, by his wrong-headedness,
but all that is within the Divine Knowledge, all
that is part of Him, absolutely part of Him; and
evil though it be, yet out of it good is coming
•because it is the only way to ^olve that particular man.
Do yoa not see that that an, the cheat, will cheat,
he has it in his mind to do that ? The mind, although
he is misusing it, is yet part of the Divine Mind. The
man is under the Divine Law still; and, although he
is doing wrong, yet, out of the wrong which he
does, for him good will come, because he will learn
by that and by failure he will learn to step into the
right path. It is, as it were, a last resort; but it is a
resort, and therefore we must acknowledge it to be
within the Divine Plan. That man has had, as I
said, both precept and example. If he had chosen to
take that, he would have avoided all this evil and