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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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suffering. He would not take it, and he must evolve.
Therefore, if there is no other way in which he will
accept the thing, no other way ifi which he can
evolve, then under the Divine Laws he learns by the
evil that he does and the suffering that follows upon
that evil. So you see there is a sense in which
everything absolutely is God. Still, it is not exactly
in that sense that these words are written; it is that
in every man is the Divine spark which makes
him man; he could not be there, he could not
be a man, if that were not present. If you can get
at that, if you can get behind the personality which
is so warped, which has gone so far wrong, if
you can get to the Divine life in man, you can
appeal to that. It is the thing which,, you have
in common with him. Remember that the tc evil "
man, as a soul, wishes to make progress just as
you do. He wishes to get rid of the evil which is
haunting and obsessing and troubling his personality ;

and therefore, if you can only get back to that soul
through all this outer crust of hardness and evil, that
soul will rush up and help you in your endeavours to
help the personality. I have been a priest and a lay-
helper. I worked in some of the very worst parts
in England. I worked in the parish of St. Albans,
Holborn, there is no fouler district in London than
that. I have seen very many men whom you would
think hopeless criminals; I have never seen one yet
that had not some spark of good in him somewhere.