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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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ELEVENTH TALK            2l5

It might be his love for a child, his love for a dog,
which seemed to be the only human touch in what
was otherwise a brute, and a dangerous brute. But
there was, and is, the one touch somewhere, and, if
you can get him on that, there is just the chance you
may be able to help him by an appeal to that one
thing, and so to do something for him. So however
evil the outside may be, remember, first of all, that
the very evil itself is a part of the Divine, however
strange that may seem to you. It cannot be other-
wise, the logic is merciless. Remember, too, that in
every man and in everything is the Divine life that is
in you, and if you can touch that Divine life, that
common chord, which is in both of you alike,
through thaJ: you can help the other man. That is
the only way in which you can do it. Your business
is to look for the divine in everybody and everything,
and when you have found the Divine spark, the
manifestation of the Divine life, the rest of it does not
concern you. Find that Divine spark ; it is with this
that you have to deal; the rest (it is evil no doubt) is
the man's business, not yours. Realise that Divine
spark, that One Life, and rouse it in your brothers.
The Master concludes, " So shall you save your
brother from wrong." That is the strongest of
all motives for the Occultist.   You know that
the disciple exists to be a saviour, a saviour of
the world, and the more we can reflect that idea in
our lives, that of living only to help, and to save