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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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cannot help knowing that very large numbers of
people in the world do not make this distinction.
They make no effort to distinguish. They say ; it I
am as God has made me. If I am not strong enough
to resist temptation, this is how I was made." They
do not realise that they made themselves by their
past lives, but are in the habit of taking the character
of which they are possessed as a sort of inalienable
something which is given to them, like a lame leg.
If you have one leg shorter than another, well, there
is nothing to be done about it. So they say if they
have a bad temper or a weak will, " There I am;

that is how I was made." They do not realise that
they can take hold of that and change it. So, if they
find themselves full of desires for the grosser things
they say, (< That is how I am made; it is my
nature." They do not see that it is their busi-
ness to change a nature which is undesirable.
They do not know that they can, and further-
more they do not see particularly why they should-
It is only the higher knowledge that Theosophy
gives us that makes a really sufficient incentive to
any serious change of character. It is no light matter
for a man to change his character, for this is the
very fundamental basis of him. And perhaps there
is no adequate reason to be held out to the average
man, why he should take all this trouble. " After
all you cannot say very much about it; a man has
the right to choose for himself. The inducements