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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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TWELFTH TALK            2l9

generally held out to the man are unquestionably
insufficient. The only one that I ever heard of that
seems to me adequate is the Theosophical theory.
If you understand God's plan, if because God is
love, you learn to love God and to seek to co-operate
with Him, then you have the most tremendous
of all possible motives for making yourself fit
to co-operate in this great work of evolution*
There is a real motive, and it is worth your while.
You know that this life is not the only one, but that
you have all the lives you need, and that therefore
you can change yourself. You can make the most
fundamental changes in your character and disposi-
tion. Thus there is some hope, and therefore some
reason why you should take all this trouble; other-
wise, frankly, I rather sympathise with the ordinary
man. People do not give him a sufficient reason ; so
the ordinary man does feel that he is his desires. He
says, u I think," li I want," (< I like this," <( I hate
that," whereas it is not he who desires or hates, but
simply the desire elemental in him, with which he
identifies himself. We have learnt that that is not
so. We no longer, I hope, identify ourselves with
him in that way, but we know that there are a good
many subtle ways in which this desire elemental
works. I am not at all sure that we might not some-
times, even now, fall a victim to him. I should
suggest one way of testing it at any rate: so long as
an ungratified desire can cause you unhappiness you