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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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are still identifying yourself with your desires. We
all desire various things which as a rule we do not
get. Does it cause us unhappin^s ? If it does, then
we are identifying ourselves with our desires. If we
do not identify ourselves with the desires, then whether
the thing we wish comes to us or not, in any case we
are equal to either fortune. We, as souls, rise above
desires and their gratification, or non-gratification.
Here too, just as we spoke about changing moods, so
you find changing desires; but the Self does not
change, and you, the Ego, you the soul, you certainly
have, whatever you know of it down here, only the
one great burning, overmastering desire for progress
and for the unfoldment of the higher self, and the
bringing of the lower vehicles into tune as its instru-
ments. That is the constant never-changing desire
of the Ego. Whenever you find other desires which
are not part of that, and do not agree with it, then
you know those are not the Soul, and so you do not
say, ^ I desire this " you say, " My desire elemental
is working .again, he wants so and so; I, the
Ego, wish to progress, I wish to co-operate in the
Divine plan. These changing moods, these changing
desires are not mine."   In that way you may
recognise the thing for what it is. The Master
goes on:

But these are only they who have not seen the Master;

in the light of His holy Presence all desire dies, but the
desire to be like Him.