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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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TWELFTH TALK             221

That is one of the especially beautiful sentences in
this very remarkable book, that in the Light of His
holy Presence all desire dies, but the desire to be like
Him. You have the same thing, I remember, in one
of the Indian Scriptures, where it says (I do not
remember the exact words) " The objects of the
senses turn away from the man who leads an ascetic
life, but even the very desire for them falls away
when the Supreme is seen." So here, when once we
have seen the Master, when once we have realised
Him, all lower desires are simply not there any more.
You are then thinking of something higher, you have
gone out of all that; you have seen something so
infinitely greater than that, that these lower desires
simply cannot exist any longer.

Yet before you have the happiness of meeting Him
face to face, you may attain desirelessness if youwil. 1

These three words are important—" If you will "—
if you really mean to do it. You know plenty of
people speak of their wish to attain desirelessness,.
and yet all the time they are hugging the objects of
desire and would be unhappy without them, so that
they do not in reality wish for this desirelessness at
all; they only think they do. On the surface they do,
but deep down inside they know that they cannot free
themselves. It is better perhaps to try to face a thing
like that and make sure of it, and see whether we
have got rid of all these lower desires. The Theo-
sophist often thinks that he has ; he even thinks it to.