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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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be a sort of elementary thing. Yes, but a great many
of these elementary things go very deep. Superfici-
ally you get rid of them, but tt^ey crop up again in
different forms. It is very hard to be sure that you
are really rid of them. Fortunately it is not expected
of us that we shall be utterly rid of them at this stage.
You may attain Initiation with the seeds or rather
the roots of some of these things still within you. But
after Initiation you must cut yourself clear ; you must
be absolutely free from the various fetters. There-
fore it would be well to try to root them out utterly
now, so that your progress afterwards may be
smoother and more rapid. But nothing impossible is
ever asked of us; the Master never suggests to you
anything that you cannot do. He docs suggest many
things which will tax your endurance or moral
strength, because that has to be done if you want to
get on; you must put out this strength. But He
never tells you to do something that you cannot doŚ
you may be sure of that; so that if you will you
may attain desirelessness.

Discrimination has already shown you that the tiling's
which most men desire, such as wealth and power, arc not
worth having; when this is really felt, not merely said, all
desire for them ceases.

Yes, as soon as you are quite sure that they are not
worth having. But are you quite sure ? You know
that all these things have two or three sides to
them. Wealth stands for and includes all objects, of