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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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TWELFTH TALK             223

whatever kind, which foster desire, and the increase of
possessions does not necessarily increase happiness.
So that even though you are not desiring wealth you
may be desiring objects—power, social power or
political power. Very few people ever attain those,
you know; it requires certain definite qualities which
most of us probably have not, so that it is not by any
means only that, but power includes all wish to control
other people, the wish to interfere with them and to
tell them what to do instead of minding your own
business. Now, though there may not be much desire
for social and political power (I should hope there is
none, particularly among us) there still is very fre-
quently a terrible itch, a very strong and earnest
desire, to make people do what you think they ought
to do. WeCl, I suppose that is but natural; but,
natural or not, that must go if you mean business. If
you desire to make progress, that desire to interfere
with other people must go. You must learn to leave
them to manage their own affairs. We must all of
us realise that we have quite enough to do to manage
our own lower selves, without trying to interfere with
anybody else; and, furthermore, we have no right to
interfere. You must remember that the self in others
is the same as the self in you, and that the way in
which its "manifestation takes place in those others is
their business, not ours; so that we must learn this
great virtue of minding our own business, and not
seeking to interfere.  Of course I know perfectly