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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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well that you who are Theosophists would want to
interfere only because you know better, because you
think that you can manage their^affairs better than
they can manage them. You know, or you think you
know, that you could do something much better than
they are able to do, but you do not realise that, after
all, each man knows his own dangers, his own require-
ments, and that the divine power is working through
him, so that you had better let it work in its own
way.  Sometimes you can very tactfully, very
respectfully, very delicately, offer advice. There are
many cases where even that would be impertinence.
Never under any circumstances attempt to force your
opinion on others.  Never burn to manage their
affairs. Take care, first of all, that your own are
well managed ; for each man is responsible to him-
self ; to his own Master he stands or falls, not to us.
Therefore above all things let us learn to mind our
own business. It is a most valuable maxim very
little understood.
He says:

Thus far all is simple ; it needs only that you should

Of course, we do not all find it as simple as the
Master thinks it. It ought to be simple. Getting
rid of the desire for all earthly things ^ought to be
quite simple. It is the plainest common-sense, when
we know as much as every one of you does know of
the higher things. Under the circumstances .there