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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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(t It needs only. that you should understand,"
and then:

But there are some who forsake'the pursuit of earthly
aims only in order to gain heaven, or to attain personal
liberation from rebirth; into this error you must not fall.

Of course the obtaining of personal liberation from
rebirth is an idea which we find chiefly in India.
You have to remember, all through, that these
instructions were given to an Indian boy, and that
therefore, first of all and most of all, they refer to
Indian conditions, as seen in many of the remarks
about superstition, caste, etc., though, other things
being equal, they apply to our conditions as well.
We are not particularly likely, I hope, to make
violent efforts for the sake of gaining heaven. We
know too much about it. Many of us would prefer,
if possible, to avoid the heaven world altogether and
to continue to work upon the earth ; and that is
possible for those who really desire it. People often
ask us about that; they say,<{ Is it possible to continue
to work for the Master and to avoid heaven, which
seems almost a waste of time ? " Certainly, it is
possible if you wish it and are strong enough for it.
For it does need a certain amount of strength.
Remember that, if you want to take what is com-
monly called a rapid incarnation, you must carry on
the same mental and astral bodies. You get a new
physical body, but the astral and mental bodies are
the same. So that the question of fatigue arises.