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TWELFTH TALK            227

The physical body becomes worn out; the astral body
and the mental do not, so far as we know, show;

anything similar t® fatigue. It is not your mind but
your physical brain which is tired—the mind itself is
not—so it is not that, but there is another consider-
ation. The astral and the mental bodies which you
have in this life are the expression of you generally
as you were at the end of your last life. The astral
and mental bodies which you first form for yourself
are just exactly that.  As you go through your
present life, you modify them considerably, but
at the same time you cannot modify a thing beyond
a certain point. I suppose any tailor would tell you
there comes a stage where, instead of patching or
altering a badly cut coat, it would be better to start
a fresh one ; and you can see how that might be with
the astral and mental body too. A radical change
would take a very great deal of time and might
perhaps be only partially arrived at after all: for
there are limits. If your deserts have gone far in
front of your capacities—the capacities being,
remember, the results of the deserts of your last life,
it might be better for your progress that you should
get a new astral and mental body, instead of trying
to patch up and alter the old ones. So it is not
always a practical thing. But at any rate, I think
we might take it that, as things are now, with the
special need of workers in view of the coming of the
World Teacher, any person who has worked well in