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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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this life, and is earnestly desirous of taking an
immediate'incarnation in order to continue that work
may be able to achieve his desire. Many people
have already expressed their wish that they may be
able to do that. Remember that for any variation
from the ordinary course of things special permission
is required. A man has to make what amounts to an
application, or it has to be made for him. It has to
be submitted to a higher Authority, who can give per-
mission, if He thinks it desirable, but who also would
quite certainly refuse it if He did not think it to
be in the best interest of the person in question.
But I think those who have anxiety on that subject
may set their minds at rest: those who have worked
well now will have every opportunity of going on
with their work. One has to make oneself indispen-
sable. That also incidentally is the best way to bring
your astral and mental bodies into the condition you
require ; so service is the panacea for all difficulties.
Those of us who are doing this, therefore, are not
particularly likely to be working for the sake of attain-
ing heaven, I imagine. You see what is said here :

If you have forgotten self altogether, you cannot be
thinking when that self should be set free, or what kind of
heaven it shall have. Remember that all selfish desire binds,
however high may be its object, and until wu have got rid
of it you are not wholly free to devote yourself to the work.
of the Master.

That shows you that the desire for heaven is a.
personal thing belonging to the personality. Remember