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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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change that if you would. But if you bring anything
of the lower into it, then the thing becomes a tie, and
a tie that you will have to br§ak by weeding the
selfishness out of it—that is, if you really mean
business, if you are really in earnest. Of course we
take it that you, who are students of Occultism, are
in earnest; but perhaps even among you there may
be those who have not realised all that * being utterly
in earnest' means. It means that for you there is
only one thing—and that is the work, that every-
thing else absolutely has to be put aside for that,
and that nothing whatsoever must be allowed to
get in your way.  As I said to you the other
day, we get in our own way. We have to get out
of it, and to give the Self in us a chanee of working;

for as long as we have reservations, as long as we
have something which we are not prepared to give
up for the sake of the Master's service, we are stand-
ing in our own way. It is a rare thing to find any
one who has no reservations whatever, who will give
himself utterly to the service of the Master, who will
stick at nothing, but will absolutely give all. It is
rare; but the man who has that quality will go very
far and very fast. These things have been told you in

; other Scriptures too. You remember in ih^Bhagavad-
Gita it is always insisted that you must not work for

\ fruit. Now here is the same thing in another form :

When all desires for self are gone, there may still be a
desire to see the result of your work. If you help anybody,