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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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TWELFTH TALK            23l

you want to see how much you have helped him: perhaps
even you want him to see it too, and to be grateful. But
this is still desire, and also want of trust.

You see, if you are really working, and working

earnestly, you have no time to trouble yourself about
the results. When you have finished one thing, you
do not stand gazing to see what has come from your
efforts. Supposing you were acting as a nurse or a
helper on the battle field, or one of the helpers con-
nected with it, you would have to do the best you
could for one case and instantly turn to another.
You could not stop to watch for half an hour to see
what exactly was going to be the final effect of your
ministrations.  You could not even stop to see
whether the man was likely to recover or not.

It is just the same with the Master's work. You
have not time to stop and think about the ultimate
results ; and, above all, you have no time to think
about yourself in connection with those ultimate
results.  As you see, the Master speaks of your
sometimes wanting the man you have helped to see
it, too, and to be grateful. Now, if you have any
feeling of that sort you are not giving at all, you are
selling your help—so much help for so much grati-
tude. It is a species of barter. You are not actually
giving with a free hand at all; and the only giving
which is recognised in Occultism is to give as God
gives, to pour out love as the sun pours out light—
that is the only kind of thing we call giving in the