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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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occult world. So remember, do not sell your help,
with the expectation of getting something for it, but
give it freely, and then let come what will.

I have no doubt some people would think that that
would mean absolute carelessness about results.
It is not exactly that—it is not so much indifference
to the result as literally having no time to think about
it. You are not thinking about yourself, you are
thinking about the cases with which you are dealing.
To attain that, of course, is a kind of counsel of
perfection. It is very difficult. We say, " Well, I
cannot reach that point: I hope I may some day."
Many of us think that. Now that is absolutely the
wrong way to go to work. If you think you cannot,
then you cannot. Do not you see that all those
thoughts make thought-forms ? If you think,(< All this
is too hard; I cannot do this yet," every such thought
is actually what in the mediaeval times they would
have called, (c a little tempting devil ". You make a
little thought-form " It is too hard, I cannot do it,"
and these thought-forms surround you, and they play
upon you whenever you are not thinking strongly of
anything else.  So that, when you happen to be a
little depressed, a little below par, promptly comes in
that thought-form and says, ts I cannot do that, I
shall not be able to succeed." Now, just as you can
make a number of these tempting little demons that
will come and worry you, so you can if you like make
a great big. strong ^u^rdian thought-form by saying,