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TWELFTH TALK            233

tf< I can do it and I will do it." If you do, then that
thought-form will also hover round you and will come
into your mind whenever there is nothing else there,
always stirring you up to effort: " I can and I will."

That obviously is the way to utilise these methods
of nature. As in all other cases, when you know the
laws of nature, you can use them. If you understand
these thought-forms, you may just as well make the
thought-form that will be a constant use to you as
well as one that will be a constant hindrance. It is
no more trouble to make one than the other. It all
depends upon your attitude of mind. You will think,
ic My attitude of mind only matters to me just now."
It will matter to you the next day, or the next month,
or the next^year, because it generates thought-forms
that react upon you. So every thought intensifies
itself, repeats itself in this sort of way. That is
precisely what you should do in the matter. You
should make for yourself a thought-form that will
help you a thing which is quite easy to do. He
says :

When you pour out your strength to help, there must
be a result, whether you can see it or not; if you know the
Law, you know that this must be so.

Yes, the^e must be a result, but very often it is
unseen. You know that very often it takes the work
of a number of people following one another to
achieve some great result. When there is a great re-
form to be introduced into the wo rid, you will find that