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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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TWELFTH TALK            235

was necessary ; otherwise the later could not have
burst out into flower, as it did. Never mind, we care
nothing about getting the credit, nothing whatever
about seeing the result. All that matters for us is
that we should be allowed to do the work. You
must not think, (< That is rather hard on me," when
you find somebody else stepping in and getting the
credit. It does not matter. You must not have the
faintest feeling of jealousy about him ; you must not
think for a moment, u That is rather hard on me ".
What you have done, your karma will take account
of, and it does not matter whether the world
recognises it or not.

In any case, it is quite certain that the result wilt
follow upon what you do. Therefore, if you work
scientifically, understandingly, you will never be
disappointed. Disappointments mean that there has
always been a thought of the fluit of action, that you
have been thinking of the result. It did not turn out
as you expected, and so you are disappointed. All
disappointment comes from thought of self Have no
such thought and you will have no disappointment.

Remember, when the Lord comes, He will take up all
our work and carry it on to its result and completion ;

and so it v^ill appear that it is all His work, and indeed,
it all is ; yet a great deal of it will have been made
possible by the unseen, the apparently profitless work
of a number of people beforehand, and that we
should have a chance of being amongst those people