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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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is assuredly the very greatest privilege for usa thing
which we should most of all desire. So, very often
you will find that, without those who toiled and saw
no result, the work which finally turns out so glori-
ously could not have been done at all.

So you must do right for the sake of the right, not in
the hope of reward; you must work for the sake of the
work, not in the hope of seeing the result; you must give
yourself to the service of the world because you love it, and
cannot help giving yourself to it,

That is, indeed, that greatest of all motives, love,
once more.  You will see how persistently that
recurs all through* the teaching of this book, and of
other later books which have been moulded to a large
extent upon it, such as those of Mr. Jinarajadasa,c6 In
His Name," " What We Shall Teach ". You will see
how strong, and how constantly repeated is this need
of love as the motive. Love is the explanation of
everything, the remedy of all ills. Remember this is
all a foreshadowing of what the Great World
Teacher Himself will say, when He comes. It is
because that will be the keynote of His teaching that
it is already so strongly foreshadowing the teaching
of those who are trying in their small way to prepare
the way for Him.

Another thing you will note all through this book
and those others is the taking for granted that the
work is the only thing. All through, the Master
takes it for granted that you are utterly in earnest,