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TWELFTH TALK            239

space; but anyhow it is not rising. You as a parasite
on the surface of the earth are being moved round in
the opposite direction. Your senses are by no means
to be relied on. You must check them by reason.
You can try for yourself a simple experiment that
will show you the truth of this in a moment. People
say, <( Seeing is believing," some go further and
say, ci If I can touch the thing." Take three
bowls of water, and put in them water of different
temperatures, one so hot that you can only just
bear your hand in it; make the other icy cold, and
in the middle one put water of temperate degree.
Put your two hands, one into the hot, and the other
into the very cold. Let them remain there for a few
minutes, then move them both into the central bowl.
The hand tŁat has been in the hot water will tell you
that this central bowl of water is very cold: the other
hand will tell you that it is very'hot. That shows
you that your senses are not always to be implicitly
relied on. You have to check the use of your senses
by your reason and you have to do that just as much
with your astral or mental senses as you have to-do
it with your physical senses.

But it is quite true that tKe Beginner is liable to a
great many deceptions: so is the baby who is begin-
ning to use physical senses. You have, probably
many of you, seen a baby reach out to take hold of
some bright object, a candle at the other end of the
room, or the moon in the sky. It knows nothing at