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all about distance: it sees a thing and it gropes
towards it. The baby's delusion does not mattery
because it is in the midst of its elders. They correct
it. They carry it to the light and it learns the question
of distance. So by slow degrees it gets out of its delu-
sion. The delusion of the astral baby would not
matter if he were always surrounded by his elders in
that sort of knowledge and was as willing to be
taught by them as the baby is by the grown-up people.
But the trouble is that one who is really an astral
baby generally imagines that he is a very great person
indeed, that he has been chosen from all the rest of
the world to receive this mighty revelation. There-
fore he does not want to learn anything. That is
one of the difficulties with which we are constantly

Those who become pupils of our Masters are put
through a long course of training with regard to this
use of higher sight and higher impressions generally,
I suppose that to most of you that training would be
very wearisome. An elder pupil will take you and
pass before you a number of different objects, and
say " What do you see ? " You describe what you
think you see, but you are generally quite wrong at
first, because you have got the thing out of focusť
For example, you do not know the difference between
the astral body of a dead man and of a living maxi.
You do not know the difference between the man him-
self and the thought-form of him made by some