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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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wabte of it, just as you would be responsible if you let
it lie idle and did nothing with it. And to do this,
you must learn. It would be of no use for a pupil
of the Master to say, t{ I know already." That is not
the spirit in which we approach these things. We
who are pupils are always eager and anxious to
acquire further information, but always that we may
serve the better, in order that we may be more useful.
That is the idea, and most assuredly there is no
knowledge that comes amiss in the work which we
have to do.  I have often been struck with that:

scientific knowledge, technical knowledge, knowledge
of chemistry, of engineering—every one of them is
useful to the Occultist. It enables him to illustrate
points and very often to understand points which
otherwise might not be clear to him. * We are told
that, at the end of it all, we shall attain all know-
ledge : we shall get rid of Avidya, or ignorance. I
can quite see that that is a goal which will be
practically a necessity. I can see that all our wwk
is tending in that direction : that we shall need to be
most wonderfully well informed in that sort of way.
And so, you see, to say you have no desire for psychic
powers,—in one sense that indeed might be said to be
the wisest of advice. Have no desire for them, but
wait until the Master sees fit that you^should have
them. The book itself says:

They will come when the Master knows that it is best
for you to have them. To force them too soon often brings