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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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TWELFTH TALK             243

in its train much trouble , often their possessor is misled by
deceitful natme-spmts, or becomes conceited and thinks he
cannot make a mistake


The deceitful nature-spirits are a very real feature
in the case, you know. There are very many differ-
ent kinds of these. Mostly they are rather small
creatures, and they think it is very amusing if they
can make a great big man do what they say, and
order him about. They can do that very often mere-
ly by pretending to be Julius Caesar, Napoleon, or
anybody that happens to occur to them, and it is
great fun to see big people, who belong to a higher
stage of evolution than their own, doing what they
suggest. It is perhaps a little hard on the poor
people; the only thing is that they should have
brought their reason and common-sense to bear
upon things. If you hear an astral voice some-
times, do not immediately jump to the conclu-
sion that it is the voice of a Master.   Do not
think that it is necessarily a great Archangel—
they are very few and their contact with humanity
is not very frequent—whereas dead people are always
speaking, always offering advice in one way or
another, and nature-spirits play their little tricks
frequently. The voice is more likely to be that of a
dead man than that of any Great Teacher, Master or
Archangel. So, as I say, if you happen to hear an
astral voice, take it quite calmly.  It is a very
interesting phenomenon, not because of anything you