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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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might get out of it, but because anything a little out
of the ordinary way is in itself interesting, and there
is generally something to be learned from it. So note
well everything that it says, but use your reason with
regard to it. Do not, of course, take the opposite
course and start by denying that there is a revelation.
That again is a dangerous thing to do ; one should
never hastily deny. I have had many years of this
sort of work, and I have assuredly learnt that—not
to be in haste to deny anything. One may think of a
thing as very improbable ; it is not safe to say that it is
impossible. So much happens, and there are so many
and such varied possibilities, that it is never safe to
deny outright. Use always your reason and common-
sense ; listen respectfully to the revelation whatever
it may be, but do not let it affect your conduct in any
way. Your conduct should be the result of your own
decision—of your own reasoned thought, and not of
something that somebody else, you do not know who,
tells you. By all means receive the advice ; it is most
likely kindly meant, but do not follow it unless it
seems reasonable; for reason and'common-sense are
the highest things you have. They are given you to
check all these other impressions. Do not forget to
use them, merely because the impression comes to
you from the astral plane instead of the physical
plane. For that is all the more reason why you
should use them.