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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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March P, 7975.

WE were speaking last week of psychic powers, and
saying that it was always wise to use common-sense
with regard to the various revelations which are
made by their means. That is a point which is worth
while emphasising just now, because this is a time
when you are likely to meet with many things of that
sort. Of course there are always psychic revelations
being poured out; I do not know so much of their
frequency in this country, but I know that at any
rate in America such things are constantly coming
before the public in one way or another. A vast
number of people have revelations which they think
are going to affect the world greatly. Usually there
is nothing very striking about them, but they are
often quite good of their kind, though generally,
perhaps, a little indefinite and perhaps vague in
outline and not very clear in their teaching. They
are nearly always more or less along Theosophical
lines, or along New Thought lines. They might be
described as Theosophy and water—the amount of
water generally very much exceeding the amount of
Theosophy—but, as far as they go, an improvement