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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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THIRTEENTH TALK           -247

means immediately at your disposal, but if you will
just apply plain common-sense you will get along
very well with moat of them.

There are two attitudes which are most commonly
adopted by outside people ; either they receive these
communications blindly, or they scoff and say that
the whole thing is ridiculous. Both these extremes
are simply silly.  Every one who has studied these
things knows that they do come, but that they very
often come from people who know no more than we
do. Just because a man is dead, he is not entitled to
very much more authority and deference than when
he was alive. He may, as a dead man, if he is wise
enough to do it, learn certain things which as a living
man he coi^d not learn, but it is to be remembered
that about ninty-nine per cent of the dead never do
learn these things, but go on contentedly with many
of the limitations and prejudices which they had on

One takes these things very calmly and philosoph-
ically, but one is careful never to deny or to scoff.
Now you will have more and more of such things
just now.  Abnormal and unusual things of various
kinds are likely to be happening just now, because
the time of the Coming of the World Teacher is
drawing near, and you must remember that that fact is
very widely known on other planes. On the physical
plane there is a very strong expectation of His
Coming. Quite outside the Theosophical ranks there