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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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are very many sets of people, many religious sects,
which feel the nearness of His Coming and are
thereby raised to a higher level* of vibration, and
consequently they are likely to be recipients of such
communications. They invite them by their attitude
of expectancy.  Therefore you may be quite sure
that there will be a great deal of such information
with regard to the Coming of the Lord.  You
remember how He said Himself, a long time agOy
that there would be many false Christs who would
come. I suppose, when the average reader comes
across that passage, he thinks of the false Christs as
Anti-Christs, as people setting themselves against
the true teaching and obtruding themselves into the
^place of the Christ.  I should venture to suggest
that most of the false Christs will be nothing of the
kind. Most of them will be entirely well-meaning
people who have really persuaded themselves that
they are overshadowed by the Christ, and the very
fact that they are well-meaning and earnest would
make them in one way more dangerous, because
other people will feel that they are well-meaning and
earnest, and be carried aw^ay by that. We, I hope^
would not be so carried away, because we are
expecting the Coming with a clearness and a definite-
ness which most of the sects have not; so I think that
we shall not be deceived thereby. But remember
that many of these false Christs, although they may
be wrong in claiming the Christhood^ may be peopi e