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THIRTEENTH TALK           249

of good and noble lives, and their teachings may be
very good teachings. Just the same with many of
these religious stcts around us now ; many of them
are narrow and bigoted, but there are splendidly
good men among them, and their preachers are
preaching morality and brotherliness and kindliness,.
and therefore they are all doing good in their own

I think our Theosophical attitude about false
Christs will be: It will be a pity, perhaps, if people
are misled into identifying some ordinary teacher
with the World Teacher.   Nevertheless, if his
teachings are good, and the people follow them
heartily and nobly, their lives will be benefited.
The fact J:hat they have wrong impressions on
certain - points will not prevent their acquiring the
karma of their good lives. It is of course a pity;

it would have been better that they should have seen
the truth clearly, but we should not take the mistaken
view that people who do not see the truth clearly
are necessarily wrong in every other respect as well,.
because they are not.

As to the followers of the false Christs, I dare
say there will be plenty of them. I have already
heard of several.  I do not concern myself much
about them.  I find that they gather each a few
followers, and then somehow the cult dies out, so
that I do not think we need be disturbed. Above
all, we should not allow ourselves to have any