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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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feeling of dislike. We should not get excited over
all these thing's. It is not unnatural, of course, that
those who are enthusiastic should feel that way.
We, who are so sure that we are on the right track
ourselves, know already so much of the glory and
the beauty of Him Who is to come, that to hear
some one else setting up to be the Great World
Teacher is very likely to cause a certain amount of
annoyance. It ought not to. Serene in our belief,
we ought to be quite kindly and tolerant and gentle
towards the belief of others, even though we know
in what particular they are mistaken. You will have
a great deal of psychic manifestation of various sorts ;

some of it will be quite along our lines, and some
most certainly will not; therefore you w^l more than
ever have to use your common-sense, and while
never denying the possibility of anything that comes
in your way, just exercise your judgment about it.
Simply say to others as well as yourself (the attitude
of Gamaliel, you know, is a very good one): (t If this
thing be of God then it will prosper ; if it be not of
God then it will come to naught." But take care
lest you should be found to be <( fighting against God ".
One would be disposed to take whatever there was of
good from any source of revelation, from .any source
whatever. That there will be unusual happenings is
certain.  You have read perhaps The Light of
Asia. It is a very fairly faithful transcript of the
Buddhist books about the Life of the Lord Buddha.