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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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thought, and so shuts himself out from what he might

Many strange things will happen^there is no doubt.
Remember, too, that those who are to work with the
Great Lord of Love are coming into incarnation of
necessity. You have no doubt heard of the births
of extraordinary children. Well, that is sure to
happen, because those who are to be in the prime of
life when the Lord comes must already be born, and
it is likely that they will differ in certain ways from
others. You need never be surprised when you hear
of young people who remember previous births, or
who have psychic experiences of their own. All these
things are quite natural and to be expected, because
of the special time in which w^e live. You may
remember how our President made that same remark
some time ago to the people at Adyar. She even
gave them special directions as to how they should
treat such cases as came within their ken. She said :

" Do not be excited with regard to any such things^
and recount alleged identifications of such children
too readily, for very few people know who they were
in previous births. Remember that all such children
are unusually sensitive; therefore you must be
very kind and gentle in your dealings with them.
There must never be a harsh word of any sort, you
must never startle or alarm them, for remember that
they wdll feel very much more acutely than other
children. You must guard them from crowds, or