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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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THIRTEENTH TALK           ^53

from the neighbourhood of undesirable people. You
should let them know but few people, and should
surround them yith harmonious magnetism which
should not be changed too often. You should not
send them to school, but you should surround them
with a specially loving home atmosphere."

These were the directions given not long ago by the
President with regard to the possibility of those who
would come to help in the work of the World Teacher.
There will be many of them ; and remember they are
quite likely to come amongst you, because you know
something of these matters and so would be better
able to understand and to do what is required. If you
happen to hear of any such cases amongst you, you
can pass on the advice of our President.

In all sorts of ways spiritual power will be out-
poured from now onwards to the time of His Coming.
Very possibly after this great and terrible war is over,
we may see a reconstruction, in various ways, such
as we could hardly have expected to see in our life-
time; for remember that coming events cast their
shadows before and that among the preparations
that are being made for the Coming of the Lord is
the preparation that is being made by the Hierarchy
Itself, and that consists in pouring out floods of
influence upon the world—floods of influence which
may perhaps touch but little the man who is entirely
wrapt up in worldly matters, but which will mean
a very great deal to those who are sensitive, to those