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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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who are ready to profit by it.  It will mean the
making of a new Heaven and a new earth for any one
who can open himself to the influepce. It may very
likely come to* pass that quite widely spread changes
may be introduced, better than we could have hoped,
better than ten years ago we should have thought in
the least possible for us to see in our time. That may
be even before the Lord comes, so that, when He
comes, He can take up all these experiments and
beginnings and carry them through to a logical con-
clusion. So very likely He will leave the world in all
sorts of ways very different from the condition in
which He finds it. It is not only that He will preach
His religion, but it may very well be that all sorts of
other reforms may be introduced as a consequence of
His teaching. One cannot say, because there will be
opposition this time as there was before. All sorts
of vested interests will obviously find the changes
which He might introduce unsuitable for them;

consequently there will be much opposition.  The
vested interests murdered Him last time after only
three years of teaching. How it will be this time we
cannot know* We hope, as our President says, that
we may prepare at least such a nucleus of people in
every country as will make it profitable for Him to
stay and work with us longer than three years. We
hope so—but how can we tell ? We can only do our
best. At any rate, I would say with regard to the
psychic side of things, be prepared for unusual