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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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THIRTEENTH TALK           255

happenings. You have all heard what happened on
December 28, a few years ago at Benares;—how
we had through the body of Alcyone a very wonderful
outpouring of the power of the Lord Maitreya. Such
a thing as that will occur again. In the outer forms
the same thing may manifest itself in connection with
others besides Alcyone. Many cases of this sort may
come, and remember that you must not expect that all
of them will necessarily be within the Theosophical
Society. Remember that the Masters influence many
people outside of that Society. They care nothing
whether the instruments that They use know Them
or do not know Them, and therefore you must
be prepared to find that, quite outside of our own
organisation and our own efforts, other forces are
working to The same great goal. And once more,
while we follow our own line firmly, strongly,.
faithfully, loyally, keep to that because that is
obviously the way for us, yet we should be very
careful not to condemn, or to speak against any other
form of manifestation, outside our Society, which
may be tending in the same general direction, and we
must not expect all such manifestations to be all pure,.
to be all perfect.

You have an organisation, the Order of the Star in
the East, which sets itself definitely to prepare the
way for the Coming of the Lord, with a full know-
ledge of what it all means, with a great deal of
knowledge," at any rate, as to the line Hia teaching