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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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will take and so on. But there may very well be
individuals or organisations inspired to work in
preparation for His Coming without having any
means of obtaining such detailed knowledge,
and necessarily their work and their teaching will

•not be so direct and so clear,—so pure, as we
should say—as that of the Order of the Star; but
nevertheless they may do a great deal of good, and
they may very likely reach some people whom we
could not reach. Before all things let us beware of
condemning hastily anything that may happen, let us
be prepared to look favourably upon all manifest-
ations, and to use our reason and common-sense all
through.  That is the best advice that one can


The Master is speaking here in tHe words just
quoted of your having no desire for psychic powers
yourself. {t And in any case," the Master goes on to
^ay,iŁ the time and strength that it takes to gain them
might be spent in work for others." There we have
again emphasised what is so emphatically the keynote
of this book, that everything should be subordinated
to service, that every vestige of selfishness should be
removed. Service and unselfishness—that is the point
upon which so much insistence is placed in this book.
Here He says that to try to develop psychic powers
means spending time and strength on yourself, which
you might be devoting to the service of others.
That is quite true.