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THIRTEENTH TALK           257

They will come in the course of development—they
must come ; and if the Master sees that it would be useful
for you to have them sooner, I-Ie will tell you how to unfold
them safely. Until then, you are better without them.

Yet many people would like to have them. Of
course that is quite legitimate. I mean, no one can
blame a person for saying : <( I hear of these wonder-
ful psychic powers which make their possessor so
much more useful. I want to be useful, I would like
to have them too." There is nothing wrong in that,
only you had better follow the advice which is given
here to wait until they come, or until the Master
Himself tells you how to open them. " Is He likely
to do that?" you will say ; yes, my own experience
tells me that He is. I had none of these powers.
I was not Slinking about them in any sort of way,
not because I had all these exalted feelings especially,
but because I had not thought about the matter,
because we were then under a certain mistake with
regard to them. We thought in those early days
that they could not be developed unless one were
born with the psychic vehicles, with a certain amount
of psychic faculty to begin with. I had not that,
but hoped that in the next life I might perhaps
receive a body which would enable me to do these
things too." But one day the Master Himself, when
visiting Adyar, gave me a hint in that direction. He
said : " I should advise you to try a certain sort of
meditation," which He recommended, " I think you