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THIRTEENTH TALK           259

that is the joy of our Lord, the joy of carrying out
this splendid plan of pouring out His love through
the universe. Sc^, if you are to enter into the joy of
the Lord, then it means that you are to take part in
that work and in the bliss which it brings. So if you
want to enter into that joy, the way to do it is clearly
indicated in that Christian parable,—namely, to use
every talent you already have, and see that you are
using it quite to the utmost. If you are not yet
using all the powers you have, They will wait to give
you others until They see you are making full use of
what you already have.   People do not always
understand that. ' They want to become invisible
helpers ; we tell them always, t( You must be visible
helpers first^ you must work on the physical plane,
you must do all you possibly can there, and then it
will be worth while considering whether we cannot
make use of you on other planes as well. First on
the physical plane where you are fully conscious—if
there your whole life is full of helpfulness, then quite
certainly you would be helpful on the other planes.
I said just now that the Masters often work with
people quite outside our organisation.  I suppose
you can hardly have a more instructive example than
the case of pur great President. Remember that she
came into touch with our Master when she did not
know of His existence.   She certainly, therefore,,
was not aspiring towards Him consciously. She was
not seeking for Him, but He sought and found her.