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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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It is, of course, true that she had been in relation
with Him through many previous lives, but she knew
nothing of that in this physical b,ody. She had no
idea who this Great One could be, until He came
into touch with her. But why did He single her out
for this very marked attention ? Because she was
already devoting the whole of her life and energy to
helping other people. She did not know of Theo-
sophy; she could not then be spreading that great
truth, but what she did know she was spreading to
the best of her ability. She was working and put-
ting all her strength and will into it for the poor,
oppressed and helpless, spending herself utterly in
their service, and so it was worth the Master's while
to reveal Himself to her, because she was already
doing Just the work that He loves best. She was
giving all that she had, and therefore He gave her so
much more. It is the old story: t( Unto every one that
hath shall be given, . . . but from him that hath not
shall be taken away even that which he hath," which
sounds paradoxical and inexplicable; and yet, from
the occult point of view, is perfectly clear. You
who have powers and use them, to you much more
will be given—much more power to be of use. But,
from the occult point of view, that which you do not
use, you have not, and even that which you seem
to have will atrophy and fall away from you. From
the occult point of view, it is perfectly clear what
that cryptic sentence means. Then the Master