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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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THIRTEENTH TALK           26l

passes on to certain rather smaller matters; at
least, He calls them small:

You must guard, too, against certain small desires
which are common in daily life. Never wish to shine, or to
appear clever; have no desire to speak.

You know most people rather like to appear
clever, to appear to the best advantage. You must
make a distinction there ; once more the middle path
is always the safe one; you must use your reason
and common-sense. You must never wish to shine
for the sake of shining, but it is your duty to make
the best of such powers and qualities as you have in
the service of the Master. Use them all for His
service, and in His name, and you can never be
proud of them. Like so many other difficulties, these
very largely dissolve when you come to know the
Master. No man who knows the Master personally,
who has ever met Him face to face, could ever think
about shining himself. When he has seen the glory
of the Master, he realises in a moment that any-
thing he could do would be like a farthing rushlight
to the Sun ; so that the idea does not occur to him.
It is born of ignorance. The man who thinks that
his tiny light is going to make a vast impression on
the world^ is one who has not seen the higher lights
yet, and therefore has not the means of comparing
his with those. But in every possible way a man
should make the best of every quality that he has in
the Master's service. Let the lower lights be born