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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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along the shore; it is not only the mighty beacon
of the World Teacher that is needed. That shines
out so brightly and so far away that it may dazzle
some. Its rays may pass over them and they hardly
know of its existence. They do not understand. The
lower lights which are nearer to their comprehension
might appeal to them. There may be many whom
we can help and save, who are as yet not at all ready
to be helped and saved by greater people than us.
So each has his own place. Yet never desire to
shine for the sake of shining, that would be foolish.
Never desire to appear clever, but make the best of
any quality you have. And He says, u Have no
desire to speak." A very difficult thing to get that
impressed upon people in these days, very difficult.
You were given in another place the'^Rosicrucian
statement, that one of the requirements was that
a man should know, should dare, should will, and
should keep silent, and they said always that the
fourth was harder than the other three. There is
so much of talk in these days; you are governed by
talk. In England what do we call our main body
which makes the laws for us ? We call it <( Parlia-
ment"—from the French Rarler, to (< speak". We
have much talk and very little doing; in a good many
ways it is wiser not to be among those who are
always talking.

Pythagoras imposed two years of absolute silence
on his candidates—a very good thing it would be if