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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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he did not mean it has nothing to do with the case.
That he did not mean it is equivalent to the plea:

<( I did not know it was loaded.'.'   You ought to
have presumed it was loaded, until you knew it was
not. Never make unnecessary statements when you
are not sure that they are true, it is better to say
nothing, but in any case never go about making a
series of rash statements and then contradicting
them. These things produce their karmic results.
We ought to be a little wiser, we really ought,
because we understand how occult forces work and,
that being so, it really does behove us to be very
careful what we say.  This is no new teaching.
Remember the Christ said: " For every idle word a
man shall speak he shall give an account in the day
of judgment." As we should say, it will bring its
karma with it. It is true the idle word brings its
karma. The spoken word is like an arrow shot from
the bow, a bullet from the gun, it has gone and will
produce its effect. It might be wise to remember
what our President once said : (< Every useless word
spoken by a student of Occultism is a brick built into
the wall that separates him from his Master." That
is worth remembering.

Another thing: people who are talking all the
time are frittering away a great deal of nervous
energy, and you will see, if you watch them, that
they never remain quiet; they suffer from little
headaches and indispositions and depressions, due to