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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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then let him wait a life or two before he tries to make
any progress. There is always that open to him.
There are plenty of Rounds still ahead, and no one
can ever fail; but, in your case, the fact that you are
studying these things should show that the laws ought
not to be too hard. Hard, yes; but the effort is very
well worth the effort of making. But if after all you
find you cannot do it, very well, the slower path is
still there, it is always open. But if you want to
make more rapid progress, you must try to keep these
higher rules, even when they seem to conflict alto-
gether with ordinary life and its methods. You cannot
do the two things ; you cannot have the easy life, and
yet make rapid progress, but you can do either one
or the other; and remember there is noJ)lame attach-
ed to the man who simply does not feel that as yet he
is equal to the strain. If you are not willing to
make the exertion, take the lower path ; but if you
insist, as indeed I hope you will, on taking the higher
path, then it does mean that you must adapt yourself
to the rules of the higher life and the higher worlds,
because they will not adapt themselves to you.