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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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March 16, 1915.

WE are on the thirty-fourth page where the Master

It is well to get used even now to thinking carefully
before speaking; for when you reach Initiation you must
watch every word, lest you should tell what must not be

That might possibly mislead you if you did not
understand the facts with regard to Initiation. The
real secrets, the secrets of Initiation, cannot be
betrayed. If anyone even thought of betraying them,
then, before he uttered the words, he would have
forgotten that there was anything to betray. There-
fore the real secrets are perfectly safe.  They
never have leaked out and they never will. But
though they cannot be divulged, there is still great
danger to the divulger; for if he is careless he may
put himself in a vefy awkward position.

He then goes on:

Much common talk is unnecessary and foolish; when
it is gossip, it is wicked.

There you notice again the insistence upon the
wickedness of gossip. He says that much common