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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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and brawling unending, if you think that you must
correct all mis-statements.

Of course, if you hear someone's character
taken away then, no doubt, it would be your duty
to say: <( Excuse me, you are not quite right, it is
not true, it is not so."  That would be a case
of the helpless person being attacked; then it
is your duty to defend him. People constantly
make all sorts of erratic statements about every-
thing in heaven and earth. It is not your duty
to go about setting them right. Let them go. Do
not offer opinions unless you are directly asked for
them. Do not assume that your opinion is of such
surpassing interest to everybody else. It is no use
thrusting it upon people. Then He says :

One statement of the Qualifications gives them thus ; to
know, to dare, to will, and to be silent; and the last of the
four is the hardest of them all.

That is the Rosicrucian statement: st To know, to
dare, to will, and to be silent." Yes, you must know
the truths of nature, you must dare to use them, to
use the great powers that come in your way. You
must have a tremendous will to control them, and
control yourself too. Then, when you have done all
these things, you must know enough to be silent about
them.  Yes, it is not easy, I know, bui one can see
quite well how important it is.

Here you get another variant of the same thing.

Another common desire which you must sternly repress
is the wish to meddle in other men's business. What