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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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proper, JOU must allow the same fieedom to him, and when
he exercises it )Q\I have no right to talk about him

If he does something which is q^ite different from
what you would do, you have no right to start
gossiping and chattering about that. Let the man go
his own way so long as he is doing no harm to you
or anyone else. He has the right of freedom.

We boast so much of freedom—we of the Anglo-
Saxon race—yet we are not in the least free really,
for we are hidebound by custom to an almost incon-
ceivable degiee. You know that is so. You know
that you are not really free at all. You cannot dress
as you like, }OH cannot go about as you would
choose.  You might select for yourself (I think I
suggested it to you before) the ancient Greek dress ;

it is probably one of the most beautiful in the world.
But if you put it on and walked down the street you
would probably have a crowd of people round you,
and you would probably be arrested for disturbing
the traffic. You are not free at all  In any properly
arranged country you would be quite free to dress as
you liked, to do as you liked, as long as you did not
•make yourself a nuisance to others  But there is no
real freedom at all. You cannot depart from the line
which other people take ; or at least you may depart
from it only very slightly, otherwise a great deal of
trouble and disturbance is caused.   It is a pity,
because real freedom would be so very much better
for all concerned, especially for those who want to