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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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FOURTEENTH TALK           273

interfere with others. We have no real freedom, we
have only pretence.
Then He says: ^

If you think he is doing wrong, and you can contrive
an opportunity of privately and very politely telling him why
you think so, it is possible that you may convince him ; but
there are many cases in which even that would be an
improper interference.

But you see the only way in which it is thought of
as possible that you could do or say anything in the
matter would be by going to the man privately and
speaking very politely and delicately to him, and
suggesting something.

On no account must you go and gossip to some third
person about the matter, for that is an extremely wicked

Once more you see how strongly He regards
gossip. Then He mentions certain exceptions. He


If you see a case of cruelty to a child or an animal, it

is your duty to interfere.

That is because cruelty is an abuse of strength,
because the helpless who cannot protect themselves
must be protected by all right feeling and right
thinking people. That is the very reason why this
Empire is at war at this moment protecting the
helpless, protecting a country not strong enough to
protect itself. That probably is an absolutely right
one. t( If you see a case of cruelty to a child or an