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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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animal, it is your duty to interfere," but that is
because they are helpless, they cannot protect them-
selves. Then He gives us a secon<j case :

If you see anyone breaking the law of the country,
you should inform the authorities.

A great deal has been said about that passage, and
various people have taken exception to that, rather
curiously, I think, because you know that, as a
matter of fact, if you conceal a crime you become an
accessory to that crime before the fact, or after the
fact as the case may be, and you are so regarded by
the law. People say: (< But are you to spy upon
others to see whether they are breaking the law ? "
Certainly not. You are not constituted a detective
to go and find people breaking the law. The words
are: (< If you see anyone breaking the law of the
country, you should inform the authorities." You
must remember that law gives cohesion to a country,
that it is law which establishes order for the good
of all; therefore it is the duty of every citizen to
uphold the law. But then you may think that some
laws are trifling and unnecessary.  Yes, that is
probably true, and therefore there are difficulties
made. You get a law, ^ for example, lik^ that against
smuggling.   The imposition of customs duties,
well, that is the law of the country in which you
happen to reside, or happen to be born. I should
say that a good citizen would obey that law. I